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Eric Bischoff Says Cm Punk is wise by using now not using Wrestling style Promos For His MMA Debut At UFC 203


Throughout Eric Bischoff’s contemporary podcast, Bischoff spoke approximately CM Punk not cutting wrestling style promos to promote Punk’s MMA debut at UFC 203, which is about for Saturday on PPV. Right here is what Bischoff had to say:

“I think he’s really smart. Especially after… I mean, how do you follow Conor McGregor and all the craziness that went down there with Nate Diaz? That was some really good stuff. Watching those guys throw plastic water bottles at each other that didn’t have any water in them. I thought it was classic pro wrestling. It was intense and it was effective. It did a great job. I think for CM Punk it’s his first fight. To come out and start cutting promos, as we say in the wrestling business, I think it would turn the hardcore UFC audience against him. He’s already treading thin ice because he didn’t come up the way most guys do. He doesn’t have the background that most guys do. I think there’s a segment of the audience that thinks that he’s just getting put in this position because of the name he built in professional wrestling. To a large degree that’s true. No one can deny it. If CM Punk hadn’t been a huge star in WWE he wouldn’t be fighting for UFC this weekend. I think he’s smart. I think there’s enough interest in the fight especially coming off the Brock Lesnar fight. For him to do promos right now I think would turn the audience against him.”

You can listen to the podcast in its entirety below: