Watch WWE Raw October 17th, 2016 Full Show – WWE Raw 17/10/16


Watch WWE Raw October 17th, 2016 Full Show – WWE Raw 17/10/16

Watch WWE raw 17 October 2016 complete display night time WWE uncooked 10/17/2016. As WWE Universe members global pit Goldberg and Brock Lesnar towards one another in WWE 2K17, that game healthy-up is beginning to materialize within the global as WCW icon Goldberg head to uncooked in Denver to reply Paul venture to combat The Beast Incarnate one-on-one. Will the previous world Heavyweight Champion comply with this expected disagreement?

1. Will Team Red accept SmackDown Survivor Series challenges?
Ever WWE Brand Extension Draft back in July, Competition has been fierce against Raw and SmackDown. Whether it is Raw superstar Lesnar colliding with Team Blue Orton at SummerSlam, Swagger recent defection from the red whole to the blue whole or the ongoing rating fight between both show, the tension continues to mount. On a weekday night, SmackDown Commissioner Shane McMahon and head Daniel Bryan threw down the heaviest challenge yet, proposing 3 Survivor Series Elimination Matches roughness Raw and SmackDown best Superstars against one another.

2. can Kevin Owens escape Seth Rollins’ wrath this week?
For the second week in the row, WWE Universal Champion Owens looked on as Seth Rollins ended Raw by driving Jericho face into the canvas with Pedigree. He defends Raw flagship title against The designer within Hell in a Cell on October. 30 remains to seen.

Owens move cherishes the weeks leading up to his perilous title defense. Because at WWE Hell in a Cell, there’ll be obscurity to run.

3. Is Sasha & Charlotte-proof going into Hell in a Cell?
Newly former Raw Women’s Champion Charlotte might need a future as a percussionist — she has been sound plenty lately. One week when Sasha Banks made “The Queen” have the Banks Statement to reclaim the prestigious title, The Boss created the nature lady tap out in a Mixed Tag Team Match.

Both Superstars are making ready to make history in the first Women’s Hell in a Cell Match, but Charlotte may devise a brand new strategy if she stands a chance of seizure each Sasha and the Cell itself on Sunday, Oct. 30. Which new plan may need to start out falling into place beginning this Monday on Raw?

4. can Bayley be forced to unleash her bad side against Dana Brooke?
If you followed Bayley’s career in WWE NXT, you recognize that despite her affinity for bright colors, inflatable men and, yes, hugging, she’s a brave warrior once she steps between those ropes. Bayley last Monday Night Brooke continued to take away at the upbeat Superstar’s cheerful exterior, and we doubt she’s totally ready for what lies below.

5. Goldberg confirms come back to WWE next Monday night Raw
The modern-day dream match once thought possible only in WWE 2K17 may become a reality before you think. After Goldberg’s recent SportsCenter Comment about Come Back to WWE and facing Lesnar, Paul threw down the gauntlet on Raw, issue a harshly worded challenge to a “fight” on behalf of his client. His parting words to the previous World Champion?

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Watch WWE Raw 17 October 2016 Full Show | Monday Night WWE Raw 10/17/2016